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  808s & Memories album has released! 
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This is the page for gene r. singleton Jr. an aspiring videographer and composer who uses the knowledge of music theory and film to help paint explosive visuals and sounds to reach out to others. the beginning of my journey was most like any other artist who needed an outlet.  dealing with the loss of loved ones and depression was how this all came to be. the birth of what is now grsjr international started with album sales from the debut album journey having support in

#Denmark #Estonia #France #UnitedKingdom #Netherlands #Norway & #Sweden. 

 journey, a project composed, recorded and mixed by myself came about through my interactions as a warehouse worker in a well know  music store. in savannah georgia. during my work period i was introduced to several DAWs (
A digital audio workstation (DAW) is an electric or electronic device, or computer software application for recording, editing and producing audio files. ) this allowed me to lay out my thoughts virtually rather than writing my compositions on paper. exposure from playing on the pianos alone through my lunch breaks landed me gigs at the

Georgia International Convention Center ,
Hunter Army Airfield , and local tv shows hosted by other videographers in the
Coastal Empire
i grew up a multi - instrumentalist having a mother and father carrying the torch as organists at their churches. young i was exposed to the talent of musicians backing choirs and vocalists. playing saxophone and drums was what i was most recognized for as a young lad and those two instruments have brought me to where i am today. wanting to grow and be able to afford equipment,  i was a street musician wooing the tourists of the 
Savannah Historic District  outside of the normal 9-5
almost every night i figured I'd push my self to see if i would get the same response with multiple instruments. i was a popular face among the inner city of Savannah's classical music scene giving lessons all throughout the area on piano. generating a buzz , i brought my physical copies of my newly released Journey (2013) album while playing downtown and that boosted my social presence. it had reached an all time high of 12,000 followers and i managed to obtain a music app found in google play and the app store provided by eMinor | CrunchBase which would allow my followers free ability to listen to any tunes i uploaded via web.
 it didn't take me too long to figure out the cycle of playing at local bars/ night clubs was not for me. my composition is and has always been a full sound requiring a little more performers than what i had at the time. in hopes of finding a way to expand my life, i found just that in Denver, Colorado taking a two week trip that resulted in a life changing solo step in to the real world. Since my arrival, I've released two more albums and currently play drums for "the well beings" band. as a child i dreamed of the time when I'd be able to use the skills that i practice so hard to have and now I finally have my chance. 
through production of more albums and independent films which showcase the inner beauty of the cities i visit and people i meet, i plan to also expand my audience.. i'm looking forward to branching out of my independent films and hopefully writing for LOCAL TALENT AND major films. (any thing is possible)

 ;) Take a stroll through life with me and keep up with this gift god has given me.

Gene R. Singleton Jr.
-Sound Engineer
- Multi- Instrumentalist (Piano, Acoustic drum set, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass ,Guitar , Accordion + )
-Modern/ Hip hop Dancer

- Vocalist / Beat-box
- Amateur Cinematographer/ photographer ( ALWAYS Growing )

- ...... ... ... Just a normal guy who's kind.... considerate.. Pro Equality and anti - oppression , This journey to our destiny is ours together. give my work a try. 
i just want the world to see what i could produce....., given the platform.

be well

Direct Email = [email protected]