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I am a multi-instrumentalist,Choreographer,Photographer & graduate level theatrics/film scorer. The release of the Fusion Jazz/Ambient Prog Rock/Classical Instrumental Album "Journey"  is HERE!  I was born and raised in savannah, Georgia. Being raised in the church, all I knew growing up was music... Sure I had some friends, but for the most part, it's always been myself, and the tunes that float through my mind... I got my first drum-set around the age of 3, and my first alto saxophone in 5th grade. I was never in a school which had band classes where students actually took it seriously...So I took it upon myself to practice on my own. Most days I would take my instruments down to Savannah , Georgia's Riverfront and play for tips as tourists explore the historic district of the beautiful city. Some weeks I'd make close to 900 dollars... By the time I graduated, I learned how to play 16 instruments (self taught).. I worked at a music store in Savannah , Georgia for two years and started jotting down ideas each day making my own songs.  With the help of employees there that I also knew personally, I got a mac and started learning how to record multi-tracks and join them together to make one "song".. I made my first song "Twisted Perceptions" , and after copyrighting it, I uploaded it to Reverbnation, and the song streamed on the Internets most shared website. Before I knew it... I had my own support group based off my initials... G.R.S.JR.. Knowing there are people who aren't that in to jazz, I composed over 50 songs of different genre to catch the ears of everyone, regardless what genre they prefer.  Reverbnation has helped me obtain two Apps which are free of download (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and already the apps have over 40,000 streams! These apps allow you as listeners and supporters to be instantly streamed audio ,pictures and/or video from my live performances.
Music is just a portion of what I have to offer.
 Aside from project "journey", I created
 The Genesis, an organization similar to the YMCA but caters more toward the arts.   Helping the community and helping end negativity is my ultimate goal. This page was created for you to keep up with my progress on my road to becoming a more ripened Composer and Businessman. Seeing the business side of music promotion and marketing, I got even more interested in the community, so I founded and chartered the Iota Delta Phi Fraternity Inc.  On November 11th 2009. At Savannah State University and the Savannah College of Art and Design. We are a Service organization and our focus is empowering the youth to help power the world.  With YOUR help, I believe I am capable of showing this world how to be a more loving place, through dance, art and music. I've recently left the state of Georgia after Being there 22 years . I have moved to Colorado for a new start. I hope to gain new fans and supporters. Georgia is a great place but I had reached my cap there. Not a million people pay attention to my music or craft, but I hope one day that may happen. Until then, I'll continue to cater to the 70-100 that purchase my music and everyone else who feels like I'm destined for something greater than being a street musician. Thank you for your time, and your support. p.s, the destiny album has released!!!!

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